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At Mundo Lógico we develop high-impact digital projects


We are a team with curiosity. We enjoy exploring the digital world, we create experiences, we experiment, we evolve, we potentiate ideas and we take risks so that your brand manages to fall in love.

We make those who trust us shine

  • We analyze and we discover together the DNA of your brand.

  • we explore the environment of your industry to know who our possible competitors are

  • we discovered the digital opportunity in which your brand could shine

  • we build strategies around that opportunity

  • we take care ofcreate digital channels according to the needs of your clients

  • we seek In which places or platforms is it relevant to amplify our actions?

  • We analyze the results andwe evolve the ideas

  • We potentiate amplifier channels

  • We generatedigital experiences that connect your customers with your brand

Together we build strategies so that...

THE EXPLORERS whatever they are looking for will find you.

THE UNKNOWN who still don't know about you know you.

THE FRIENDS who know you recommend you.

"We believe that the brands that will last are those that have a story to tell and are willing to create incredible experiences for their customers."



01 Online Store.

We create effective sales channels tailored to your company. Knowledge and technological innovation focused on position your business online and offer the best experience to your customers, so that they buy easily and quickly.

How do we do it

We are a team ofpassionate about e-commerce. We want to accompany you in all stages of the process to guarantee an effective expansion of your brand that translates into theincreased sales, through the following moments:

  • Conceptualization

  • Development from the online store

  • Technical support Online store

  • Strategy ofgrowth

  • optimization in theDigital environment

Lo que hacemos

Our Partners (Online Store)

02 Web Pages

In an increasingly demanding digital environment, having awebsite that adapts to the needs of your customers is essential for the growth of your business and to consolidate your online presence.

Evolve with us. At Mundo Lógico we are Official Partners of Wix, the cutting-edge platform for creating professional pages. Whether you're promoting your business, showcasing your work, opening your online store, or starting a blog, you can do it all with Wix's website builder. 

Your online presence will be successful with the following steps:


1.  We customize your site with your brand and style

2. You get a mobile optimized version for your entire page

3. Your site will be available to search engines

4. Add functions according to your needs, such as Blog, Subscriptions, Reservations, Online Store and many more.

How do we do it

We want to offer you a comprehensive web solution:

  • We offer you a complete accompaniment and tailored to your needs.

  • We evolve with cutting-edge technology. 

  • You will never have to worry about technical problems again!

  • We manage your website month by month in an agile and flexible way, so that it is always current.

  • We integrate the tools you need into your digital evolution plan.

Our Partners (Web Pages)

03 CRM and Automated Marketing.

Having a brain in your business is important. And if in addition to being intelligentautomated, better! If your company has a highdigital customer component, CRM and automated marketing will be your best allies for theimplementation of commercial and operational strategies. Also, efficiently useActive Campaign, the best CRM and Automated Marketing tool.


How do we do it

  • Definition of the planlead acquisition

  • Definition of thesubscription lists

  • Definition of thecustom data of the contacts

  • Creation of theautomations of the required process

  • Integration with different platforms required for the process

  • Implementation ofmonitoring boards

Our Partners (CRM and Marketing Automation)